Random Life Update #2

My intention to write regularly here has not worked, of course. But somehow I don’t quite like the concept yet, so I'll try something different this time.

Welcome to my latest RLU, a compilation of what I have been learning and enjoying for the past month or so.

What I am reading

Currently re-reading “How to live” by Derek Sivers. Definitely one of the best books I've read in recent years.

What I have seen

In my opinion, the film is completely underrated. I haven't seen such a visually stunning film in a long time. And the themes of police violence and social inequality are more topical than ever.

Almost more exciting than the film itself is the Making Of. It is absolutely impressive to see how the long shots were made. I had only seen this before in the German film Viktoria.

Athena can be watched on Netflix.

Speaking of German films. Even if I like only a few German films, and the quality often can't keep up with international films, All Quiet on the Western Front is definitely worth a recommendation.

Netflix has shown the film in advance in theaters for a reason, because they hope that it will win an Oscar.

Absolutely impressive, sometimes disturbing images and brilliant cinematography.

What I am listing to

Fred again… - Actual Life Part 3

What I am Experimenting with

Alternatives to visitor analytics.

For various projects I currently use Matomo, which is much too heavy for these cases.

Currently the most interesting candidates are Plausible and umami. Both can also be self-hosted.


I am going back to Cape Town during the winter. Yay. But more of that in a following post.

Closing Thoughts

I like the idea of filling in individual topics much better than just writing away. Let's see how it develops in the next posts. Hopefully not again only x months later. 😅

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