F1: Drive to Survive

The last time I watched Formula 1, I was still a kid. At some point I lost interest in it. Or rather, I should say, it migrated to soccer.
Until a few weeks ago, this was also the case until today. For some years now, Netflix has been offering the documentary F1 - Drive to Survive, in which you can get a deeper insight into what goes on behind the scenes than ever before.

Meanwhile, there are already four seasons and two more have already been announced by Netflix.

This documentary has made me more interested than ever in Formula 1 again. Not only the races themselves, but also the qualifying are super exciting.

But also the technical side is interesting. Just a few days ago, YouTube's algorithm suggested the channel Jake O'Neal to me, which currently explains in 7 videos how a Formula 1 car works, for example, and presents the whole thing in an elaborately animated way.

Definitely one of the best YouTube videos I've seen in recent months.

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