We did it again. Last week I went to Hamburg again. Lisa and I took some photos before a cold struck me. 😀 You can see the complete series on my Portfolio.Lisa on Instagram.Myself […]

How I photograph Homestories

Recently my focus was increasingly on homestories and home shootings. On the one hand this is due to the season and on the other hand to the attraction which is connected with this shooting […]

Behind the camera – Lisa

Instagram stories are in my eyes a great way to get in touch with your followers and also to get ideas and incentives. So a few months ago I asked if some of my […]

Cherrydeck – Find & be found + Interview

Some time ago, a post on Facebook drew my attention to the Cherrydeck platform. I had first saved the post but didn’t pay any further attention until a few weeks ago I found that […]

My workflow – Which tools do I use?

Often I am asked how I edit my photos at all and which tools I use. This collection is a bit loose, partly not contiguous, but maybe it helps one or the other. In […]

Wach – The movie

After Victoria another really good German film. At the same time WACH is also the directing debut of Kim Frank, whom some of you might still know from the band Echt. Which I also […]


I don’t know how this town does it. But every time I leave Hamburg, back towards “Pott” or the Ruhr area, it feels like something is missing in me. But from the beginning. Shortly […]